Slide I’m Richard, a UK based musician-producer a.k.a Violet 17. I am also a keen photographer, specialising in landscape and astrophotography. This site and the images within are a celebration of my love for nature and people - there is a story behind every image, you know what they say...
Take a look if you have the time - I hope to share the intense joy I experienced during the capture and processing of my images with you, the viewer.

Slide 19.01.2020 The Orion Nebula 23.02.2020 The Horsehead Nebula 05.03.2020 The Andromeda Galaxy 12.04.2020 The Pleiades Slide 19.05.2020 NGC 3718 & NGC 3729 10.06.2020 Curly Girl 26.06.2020 Black and White Look 03.07.2020 Red Beard COLOUR ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY keyboard_arrow_left keyboard_arrow_right